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Reserve a Room
Hedberg Public Library has five rooms available for public reservation. Rooms may be reserved online by clicking the link below. You make also make reservations at the library's Information Desk or by calling 608-758-6600.

Reservations are taken on a first-come, first-served basis. Rooms are reserved for a maximum of four hours at a time. Any other restrictions on the duration and frequency of use will be set by the library director.

Each meeting room contains:

  • a whiteboard. Dry erase markers and erasers are avaialable for checkout at the Information Desk.
  • electrical outlets.
  • Wi-Fi access.

How do I make a reservation online?
Click on the link below to search for available rooms. After entering your date and time, availability will be highlighted in green. Choose the available room that best meets your needs, then create an account to secure the space. If you've already created an account, login to continue. If you have any questions, contact the Information Desk at 758-6600.

How do I cancel a reservation?
Contact the Information Desk at 758-6600 to cancel a reservation

Reserve a Room HERE

Meeting Rooms Policy
Hedberg Public Library
A101 Meeting Rooms
Board Policy
December, 2014

The Hedberg Public Library has a Public Meeting Room and four Study Rooms that are available as public meeting spaces.  Use of library meeting rooms does not imply that the library endorses or supports the beliefs, ideas or viewpoints expressed by organizations or individuals using the space.  Any restrictions on the duration and frequency of the groups’ use of the rooms will be set by the Library Director or his/her designee.

The library meeting spaces may not be used for:

  • Private social functions such as showers or birthday parties.
  • Activities involving the sale, advertising or promotion of products or services. 
  • A return engagement by a group that has abused the facility in its earlier use or has violated any of the regulations set forth in this policy statement.
  • Any purpose which, in the opinion of the Library Director and/or the Library Board, may interfere with normal use of the library.

Public Meeting Room
Hedberg Public Library’s Public Meeting Room is located next to the Ground Floor coffee shop on the library’s lower level.  When the Public Meeting Room is not being used by the library, the City of Janesville or by library-affiliated groups, the room may be used by members of the public for meetings of an educational, informational, or cultural nature.  The purpose of allowing public use of this room is to contribute to community diversity and vitality by providing meeting space for a variety of local organizations.
The Public Meeting Room holds a maximum of 25 people. Those wishing to use the Public Meeting Room should follow the established library booking procedure.

The library does reserve the right to cancel a reservation when the Public Meeting Room is required for use by the library, the City of Janesville or library-related organizations.   If the library cancels a reservation, the library will give the contact person as much notice of the cancellation as possible. 

Study Rooms
Hedberg Public Library’s Study Rooms are four small rooms on the main floor of the library.  The purpose of the Study Rooms is to have a space where small groups can meet for study and discussion or where individuals can converse using remote technology (such as Skype) without disturbing others in the library.

The library may partner with other organizations (government agencies, political candidates, non-profits, etc) and book the Study Rooms for outreach purposes, if the Library Director or his/her designee determines the outreach function fits within the library’s mission.  All outreach events must have prior approval of the Director or his/her designee and must be open to all.  No sales, donations or solicitation may be involved.

These rooms may be booked for small groups up to 6 people through the established library booking procedure.

The Hedberg Public Library does not have any other public meeting rooms.Other rooms at the library have designated purposes, and are not available for meetings. 

The Woodruff Training Lab is only for library sponsored computer-based training and presentations.  When the lab is not being used for classes, computers are available to individuals who log on using their own library card. 

The Program Room is only for library sponsored activities, including but not limited to children's programs, presentations to classes and other groups, adult and young adult programs, and training sessions for the staff.  The Program Room is also open for use by the City of Janesville for their activities or programs when available. On election days the Program Room is a polling location for the City of Janesville. 

The Janesville Room is a quiet research room. 

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