A Night at the Library: Death by Mall-ing
Saturday, October 23, 6-9 p.m.
Hedberg Public Library
$20 per person

Pump up your jams, feed your Tamagotchis, and spritz on your CK One because Death by Mall-ing is gonna be da bomb! And if you don't think so, you can talk to the hand.

The Friends of HPL's 12th annual fundraiser will look a little different again this year. Instead of our typical mingle murder mystery, we're hosting a murder mystery tour.

Investigative teams of six (6) will walk through the "crime scene" and gather clues to take their guess at who-dunit.

Sign up for your tour timeslot with the link below.*
Use the link to reserve your spot(s), then pay for your ticket(s) at the door.
NOTE: You may not pay for your ticket online or in advance. Cash, check or card will be accepted when you check in for your timeslot at the library.
*If your group has fewer than 6 people, other individuals may sign up for (or be added to) that timeslot.

Sign Up!

Setting: The Mall of the Universe
It's 1993 and that smell isn't teen spirit - it's nacho cheese and pretzels. The local mall community is abuzz with excitement over the Grand Opening of Techno Hut, the premiere technology store in the nation. The Grand Opening is a big deal. Not only does the event promise to attract a huge crowd - but the prizes are promised to be AMAZING - including some hard to find, expensive, cutting-edge technology giveaways!

The local mall is the place to be and technology is growing by leaps and bounds - the future is NOW. The world, once so disconnected, now travels the information super highway...at very reasonable speeds. While most folks are impressed with laptop computers, amazing video game technology, and wireless satellite phones - there are those who predict a bleak future where humans cease to be and the planet is run by bots. But the Mall of the Universe doesn't subscribe to such backwards thinking! No! The mall is and will continue to be the favorite destination of human-kind forever. Nothing could ever replace it! After all, people will always need a weather-proof building in which to shop for goods and services.

Owner and manager of The Gym Locker - purveyor of fine footwear (or at least cool tennis shoes) is found in the food court by mall security moments before Techno Hut's Grand Opening was scheduled to begin. He appears to have been MALL-ED - that is - the victim was smothered with nacho cheese and strangled with a thin cord of some type. And his shoes are missing...

THE DETECTIVE: Kelly Caruso (based on NYPD Blues)
Det. Caruso is a non-nonsense, crime drama sort of police detective. They are shrewd - and always get their perp. (This part will be played by numerous tour guides.)

THE WITNESS: Shawn Fischer
He saw a lot. But is any of it helpful?


Ambrosia Freemont
Mall Manager, always stylish (even on her salary!?). A huge fan of malls - not a fan of Tim Vito.

Willy Morgan
Future rock star, current disgruntled employee of The Gym Locker.

Karen Holmes
President of Mall Walkers of America, busy body, just ripped up her Gym Locker discount card.

Stella Works
Manager Techno Hut, would love to expand into the neighboring storefront, but Tim Vito stands (or stood) in the way of her progress. Not a problem now.

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