A Night at the Library: The Art of Murder
Saturday, October 21, 7 p.m.
Hedberg Public Library
Heavy Hors d'oeuvres \\  Wine & Beer Cash Bar \\  Live Performances \\  Art Auction & More
$40 per person

It's time for the Friends of Hedberg Public Library's 14th annual mingle murder mystery fundraiser - and this year will be ARTrageous!

You're invited to the most exclusive night on the social calendar: the annual Art Gala, where high fashion meets high drama.

Originally known as the Flindenschnieder Art Insititute of Innovation, Creativity, Design and Exploration Benefit Gala, it is now simply known as The Art Gala. It's an evening of excess for a good cause - at least, that's what the excuse has always been. Benefactors, socialites, artists, celebrities, and social climbers use the night to be seen in each other's company.

The theme of this year's Gala is ARTragious Fashion. Guests are asked to DRESS TO IMPRESS in haute couture inspired by any and all genres of art - sculpture, modern, classical - as long as it's stunning, expensive, unique, and often controversial, it's perfect for the evening.

The Art Gala has not been without controversy. Themes have stepped on toes, outfits have caused outrage, and each year someone is publicly snubbed. The evening begins with guests strutting their stuff on the red carpet - showing off their outrageous outfits that never fail to thrill and/or baffle the fashion critics who flock to the event. All are welcome (and encouraged) to take part in the fashion extravaganza. Best-dressed guests will receive prizes for their effort.

THE VICTIM: Alzora Wootz
Alzora was banned from the Art Gala for life in 2022 due to a "misunderstanding" about the proper place to relieve themselves, "tripping" over a priceless statue breaking its nose off, getting into a slap fight in the elevator with Blanche Wortley-Flindenschnieder, insulting the majority of the art AND most of the other guests before falling into the dessert table and "absolutely ruining" the whole event. Alzora, Zor for short, is a crasher who refuses to leave the event.

Cluesew is a famous detective acclaimed for solving a number of high-profile art thefts. Mr. Cluesew has been hired to make sure no funny business happens this evening and he is ON IT. Jack is keeping his eyes peeled, but he is especially interested in one specific guest: Stephan Stetweiser.


Blanche Wortley-Flindenschnieder is the wife of the eldest Flindenschnieder brother. While her husband runs the Art Institute, Blanche's only duty as a member of the Flindenschnieder family is to put on The Art Gala. Rather ditzy and frivolous, the gala is the only job the family trusted Blanche to be capable of, but she doesn't see it that way. She feels she is always the most important person in the room, and this is especially so at "her" gala! She's a pain in the butt, but she's harmless - or is she?

Stephan Stetweiser dressed to the nines, dashing, debonaire lover of art. Stephan appreciates art more deeply than any other human being, including the artists who have created the art. It is rumored that Stephan has a vault filled with treasures that have mysteriously disappeared from galleries and museums worldwide, but surely that is just a rumor.

Elodie Sempill is a classically trained artist, but she has yet to find an audience for her work She comes from a family of engineers who believe she is just "dabbling in art." In fact, she was forced to go to Harvey Mudd College for engineering like her parents and all of her siblings before she finally started following her dreams. Her work is well-executed but lacks heart. To prop herself up, she tends to stab others in the back - but to their faces she's delightful - sickly sweet and adoring.

Hank Jones was discovered by an art influencer at a gallery in NYC. At the time, he was placing the words WET PANT onto a bench. The influencer was thrilled to discover this avant-garde, street-smart artist, making a hilarious pun about pants. So self-aware and self-deprecating...Hank skyrocketed into fame and since that time he has sold pieces such as Rusty Wrench, Dead Batteries Leaking Everywhere, and Splattered Tarp for hundreds of thousands of dollars. Collectors cannot get enough of Jones' unique, socially significant, yet down-to-earth, common-man style to his pieces.

Andi Bancze hit the art scene with eye-opening, pop culture inspired pieces. Larger than life, Bancze is often more interesting than the art. Some critics have suggested that Andi is more than a little inspired by other well-known artists - especially considering that their biggest success came from prints of a can of chili, and later it was splatter art. Andi has reinvented their style numerous times over the years - but somehow - there always seems to be a more popular artist whose work is extremely close to Andi's. Currently, Andi is working in the genre graffiti or street art - including art that is meant to be destroyed.

Culdesac Brine is a performance artist who sees every moment as art - from morning hygiene to putting on socks, and every single other part of the monotony of life. Known for taking up residence in galleries across the country, often as an Art Squatter - "an uninvited and unexpected gift from me to the world," Culdesac has decided to grace The Art Gala by taking up residence, along with a wide and weird variety of objects. Culdesac plans to present the greatest performance art yet - the Art of Death - and is certain that all present will find deep meaning in the performance.

Need some costume inspiration? Check out these images from the Met Gala!    

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