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Frequently Asked Questions

Library Services: Water fountains, tax forms, meeting rooms, etc.

Where. . .

. . .do I pick up a book being held for me?
A. At Checkout.

. . .is Checkout?
A. It's that long counter to your left as you first enter the main part of the library from the upper lobby.

. . .do I return books and AV items?
A. Inside the library, returns are across from Checkout, just past the Community Information displays. The outside book return is built into the building. It is not a freestanding unit. It is located in the covered parking area, on the end of the building nearest the Marshall Apartments. You may also return materials in library drop boxes at four Janesville locations: Pick 'n Save, 1717 Center Ave. (in parking lot west of main entrance); Daniels Sentry Food, 2501 W. Court St. , (in parking lot across from Culver's); Daniels Sentry Food, 2822 E. Milwaukee St. (in grassy strip north of building); and Woodman's Food Market, 2819 N. Lexington Dr. (in parking lot across from Goodwill).

. . .are the new books?
A. For adults, new books are on shelves just past the skylight and case exhibit area. In the Children's Department, new books are on the curved wall to the left as you enter the room.

. . .are the photocopiers?
A. Two photocopiers are across from the Service Desk. Another is in the Children's Department, past the Children's Service Desk. Standard size black and white copies cost 10 cents when using your SAM account and 15 cents if you use cash. Color copies and larger paper cost more.

. . .can I get change?
A. A dollar bill changer is near the photocopiers across from the Service Desk. Checkout staff can give change for larger bills.

. . .are the restrooms/water fountains?
A. Men's, women's and family restrooms are located off the upper lobby before entering the main library. Boys' and girls' restrooms are located in the Children's Department, past and to the right of the Children's Service Desk. Water fountains are located across from Self-Service Checkout, in the Children's Department to the left of the computer games area, and outside the Janesville Room.

. . .are newspapers and magazines located?
A. In the adult collection, the most current issues are just past the Woodruff Training Room, toward the river. Back issues are kept to the far right of the building as you face the river. Current issues of children's magazines are to the left of the children's game computers. Older issues are housed nearby.

. . .are the circulating brochures (pamphlets) kept?
A. The pamphlet file is a bank of drawers along the wall to the left of the Janesville Room (past Reference).

. . .is the JATV studio?
A. The JATV studio is on the library's lower level. The studio is usually open 9 a.m. - 5 p.m. weekdays. Enter through Administration and head left, following the large overhead sign. If the door to Administration is locked, ring the doorbell for JATV.

Copying and printing questions

Q. How can I pay for copying and printing?
A. Your library card SAM account may be used at Hedberg Public Library for making photocopies, copies from microform printers, and printouts from computers. It may not be used to pay overdue fines.

Q. How do I put money in my SAM account?
A. If you have a current Hedberg Public Library card, you can add money at the "APM" (automated payment machine) located across from the Service Desk, or Checkout staff can assist you at the desk.

Q. Can I type my paper at the library?
A. A word processing area near the Reference Area features PCs with word processing, spreadsheet and Power Point programs. The Children's Department has homework stations for users up to and including age 12. The Young Adult Area also has homework computers. Each patron has a daily limit of 90 minutes of computer use. Printing costs 15 cents a page for black and white and 50 cents per page for color. Patrons may bring their own floppy disks for saving files or buy one for $1 at Checkout.

Other questions

Q. Can I take food and beverages into the library?
A. Covered beverages (coffee with plastic lid, soda can, baby bottle, etc. ) are permitted in the library except near computers and in the Janesville Room. Food is not allowed in the upper floor of the library, except in the Program Room during special events.

Q. Do you have a public meeting room?
A. The Group Study Room for groups of two to four people may be reserved for up to four hours a day and up to three months in advance at the Service Desk (758-6588). If the room is not booked, it is open for public use on a first-come, first-serve basis, but a group of two to four people will take precedence over a person using the room alone. Small groups may also meet at a table in the Low-Volume Conversation Area beyond the Janesville Room. Groups of 5 to 25 people may reserve the Public Meeting Room near the Ground Floor. Pick up a booking form near the room or in Administration. For information, call 758-6600. For a list of local establishments offering public meeting rooms that can be booked for larger groups, call the Reference Desk at 758-6581.

Q. Do you have a notary public?
A. No. See the "Notaries Public" listing in the telephone book Yellow Pages. Notaries are often found at banks, law firms and government buildings. For further assistance, call the Reference Desk at 758-6581.

Q. Can I post my flier on your bulletin board or put my brochures in the handout rack?
A. As space permits, the library posts information about community events and non-profit organizations. Fliers and posters should be left at the Service Desk for review and posting by library staff.

Q. Does the library accommodate patrons with special needs?
A. The library building is entirely accessible for patrons who use wheelchairs. Automated doors and an elevator allow entrance from both Main Street and the lower level parking area. A family restroom with wheelchair accessibility is located off the upper lobby, between the men's and women's restrooms.

The following equipment is available for use in the library:

  • Motorized scooter
  • Wheelchair
  • Walker
  • Basket carts
  • Easy listener amplification device

Easy Readers are books written on subjects of interest to adults who are learning to read. For patrons with low vision, the library has audiobooks, described videos, Children's Braille materials, large-type books, magnifying devices including Aladdin Sunshine, ZoomText and WindowEyes. Patrons with hearing loss may telephone the library's telecommunications device for the deaf. The number is 758-6604. Sign language will be provided for children's and adult programs. Two weeks' advance notice is requested. To arrange this service call 758-6585 for children's programs and 758-6591 for adult programs.

Monthly delivery of library materials to Janesville homebound patrons is made possible through the assistance of volunteers. For information about homebound delivery, call the Extension Assistant at 758-6592.


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