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A Message from Bryan J. McCormick, Library Director

We all know libraries have evolved over time. We’ve replaced our VHS tapes with DVDs, our cassette tapes with CDs, and our typewriters with computers. Now we’ve added digital downloads to the mix. Materials and media change - and we change with them in response to community needs.

But it’s not just the materials and formats that change. Our community has begun to use us differently. More people are coming to the library to meet with others, study as a group, attend programs, participate in activities, etc. Our study rooms are well-used, our Program Room is fully booked, and our Public Meeting Room is in high demand. It’s clear that we need to evolve not just what we provide to the public, but how we provide it.

A reconfiguration of our floorplan and an update of our infrastructure is the first step. We hired OPN Architects to study our building and how it is used to help us determine the best use of space. After speaking with staff, gathering input from patrons and offering several possible options, they created a floorplan that best suits our needs. It is not a final design, but it gives us a sense of what we can accomplish.

[See images and details of their plan at left]

Proposed changes include:

• A consolidated and centralized service desk.
• Increased reading, study and meeting spaces.
• An expanded teen area.
• Updated technology and better wireless connectivity.
• More efficient interior fixtures (lighting, carpeting, and additional furniture).

All of these changes help us become the 21st Century Library that our community requires. They also happen to be changes occurring in libraries across the nation.

The Aspen Institute recently released their report Rising to the Challenge: Re-Envisioning Public Libraries, based on what they believe libraries need to do to meet the needs of their communities. The emerging value proposition of the public library is built around three key assets – people, place and platform.

the public library is a hub of civic engagement, fostering new relationships and strengthening the human capital of the community.
Place: the public library is a welcoming space for a wide range of purposes—reading, communicating, learning, playing, meeting and getting business done.
Platform: the public library is user-centered; it enables the curation and sharing of the community’s knowledge and innovation.

The changes we are proposing, with those assets in mind, will help us become the 21st Century Library that our community requires - and deserves.

We know we have a wonderful building - and we’re very lucky it has sustained us these last twenty years. It’s working just fine.

But here’s the bottom line: fine isn’t good enough.

We can do better. And the community needs us to be serving them at our highest capacity for another twenty years - and beyond. With your help, we can make that happen.

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