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View Record Name Spouse Residence Birth Date Death Date
1 Ball, Fern Evansville (WI) n.d. Oct 1976
2 Bruni, Hazel C. Buss Fred L. Bruni Janesville 20 Mar 1905 Oct 1975
3 Lasher, Myrtle E. Berryman (w/o Raymond O) 25 Mar 1891 Oct 1974
4 Barker, Alma Golling George Cargill Barker Janesville; St. Petersburg, FL 24 Jun 1878 Oct 1973
5 Fathers, Myrle Fulton John T. Fathers Janesville 13 Jul 1890 Oct 1973
6 Barker, Myrtle R. Lawrence Charles Weaver; Clinton Barker Janesville 09 Sep 1883 Oct 1971
7 Bitter, Regina E. Mohr Albert Bitter Janesville 18 Dec 1899 Oct 1971
8 Donkle, Jean Mary Fish Milton J. Donkle Janesville 02 Jun 1907 Oct 1971
9 Culver, Charles E. Elsie Mae Yeomans Janesville 30 Sep 1876 Oct 1968
10 Blanchard, George W. Helen Sherman Edgerton (WI) 26 Jan 1884 Oct 1964

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Search this database to find obituaries and death notices printed in the Janesville Gazette. The database currently covers obituaries from January 1993 - present, as well as some obituaries from January 1981 - May 1983.

After getting the date and page number of the newspaper issue with the obituary, you may access the microfilm at Hedberg Public Library to make a copy for a small fee.

This index to death notices and obituaries is a work in progress.

Obituaries can be searched by

    • name of the deceased
    • name of the spouse
    • date of death
    • date of birth
    • date the obituary appeared in The Janesville Gazette.

Remember to use the following date format: dd/mmm/yyyy (15 Apr 1987)


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