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Murder at the Masquerade
is a Shot In the Dark Mingle Murder Mystery.


The Suspects
One of these party guests is the killer. But which one? And why? That's up to you to figure out!

Belle Howard (the ditzy stylist)
Belle is very friendly, but is considered to be a bit of a ditz. When everyone else is laughing, Belle always seems to miss the joke. Belle works as a professional shopper to the stars and her services are in high demand from some of today's hottest stars. Because of this, she can always be found at A-List events around the world.

Emmeline Magdalene (the ritzy librarian)
Emmeline is a library scientist who has dedicated her life to keeping the Venice Marciana Library stocked and
cataloged in an orderly fashion. She has joined the ranks of “socialite” because of her association with many of the city's' elite, and she calls everyone from actors to politicians her friends.

Ravenna Berkley (the artistic socialite)
Ravenna is a talented photographer, and travels the world taking some of the most stunning photographs the world has seen. Her use of light is renowned, but it is her personality that has made her a must-have at the most exclusive social events.

Eli Perez (the athletic jokester)
Personal fitness trainer to celebrities and stars alike, Eli is one of the most sought after people in his profession. Eli is very active, full of energy and incredibly personable, and whenever possible will begin a conversation with a joke.

Rai Tyler (the sarcastic scientist)
A biomedical scientist, Rai spends his days exploring possible cures for some of the worst human illnesses. He and his team have already cured three types of cancer with the DNA of rare rain forest plants. Despite his serious day job, Rai is anything but serious – he is known for his sharp sarcasm and dry wit. Character Complexity Rating: 4

Carl Wellington (the obnoxious politician)
Meeting Carl can be like meeting a brick wall at high speed. A politician, Carl never misses an opportunity to express his views in a colorful manner and loves a good debate – as long as he is doing the talking! His views are controversial, which keeps him on the front page of the newspapers almost every day.


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