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Meet the Suspects

Angelina Rubenstein
Curator of the Main Manor Library, Angelina is a striking woman. Perhaps tonight that was literal. Ms. Rubenstein is always in black, often wearing a veil. She has devoted her life to making the Manor's library the premiere rare and magical book collection in the world. She is intensely passionate about her job...but passionate enough to kill?

Hubert Linquist aka Dante the Magnificent
Ok - so maybe magnificent is the last word most people would use to describe Dante's magic. At best, he's a cheesy kids party performer. At worst, he's a slight-of-hand, flim-flam artist who has earned most of his money by making audience members' wallets disappear. Dante doesn't have the funds to purchase the Secrets of Magic, once owned by his hero Houdini, but he came to the auction hoping to glean some information from whomever did manage to acquire it.

Fredrick Krueger
Seemingly always in the shadows, Fredrick is a lurker, waiting in the wings to be called to service. He's been the groundskeeper at Main Manor for over forty years and knows all its secrets. While it seems that Krueger would have no motive, he made it clear that he has an axe to grind with our victim. Krueger always said he would kill to keep Main Manor running...perhaps he wasn't being as facetious as everyone thought.

Professor Albert Ritewell
A professor of English and Curator of Special Collections at the Far Afield Museum of Natural Wonderments, Ritewell recieved a D.Phil., M.A./B.A. from Harvard. Curiously, he doesn't seem to recall what any of those letters stand for. He has written widely on various aspects of 18th century English literature, spiritualism at the turn of the century and on the life of Harry Houdini. Ritewell would love to add Secrets of Magic to his collection, as it would be yet another feather in his cap of expertise. And he is, in his opinion, the only human fit to own it.

Madame Curio
An odd duck (to put it kindly), Madame Curio tends to fall into trances - after which she reveals predictions of the future. Often only moments before the predictions come to be. She's famous for foretellings such as "You are likely to trip over a rug tonight" or "I see a large quantity of ice cream in your future." She is attending this event because she had a premonition that she needed to be at the library THIS particular evening. She has no intention (or means) of purchasing the cursed book. Though she does have a history with the victim that she's less than forthcoming about.

Tinsley Fishwick
Heiress and collector of rare items and antiquities, Fishwick is solely interested in one-of-a-kind items. And Secrets of Magic is just that - because Houdini himself wrote annotations in the margins. Much like our victim, her interest in the book has little to do with its magic - and more to do with the prestige of owning it. Did Tinsley's desire to be unique drive her to take out her competition?





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