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Accidents (Janesville)
Accidents (Rock County
Accidents (Rock County) Van Crash 3/25/99
Accudyne Corp. SEE Alliant Techsystems
Afton (WI)
Aged (Rock County). SEE ALSO Senior Center
Agriculture. SEE ALSO Rock County Farm; Tobacco Industry
AIDS Network
Air pollution  
Albany (WI)
Albion (WI)
Alcohol. SEE ALSO Liquor Laws; Taverns; Youth (Alcohol Use)
Allen Building
Alliance for the Mentally Ill
Alliant Precision Fuze Co. SEE Alliant Techsystems
Alliant Techsystems
"Allyn, Henry N. "
Alzheimer's Support Center
American Red Cross (Rock County Chapter)
"American Revolution Bicentennial, 1776-1976  "
Amtrak. SEE ALSO Railroads; Transportation History; Wisconsin and Calumet Railroad
Anderson Alcoholic Rehabilitation Hospital
"Andrews, Roy Chapman "
"Angel Museum (Beloit, WI) "
Animal Emergency Clinic
"Anthony, Susan B.  "
Aqua Jays. SEE Rock Aqua Jays
Armstrong Chemical
Arrowhead Library System
Asbury United Methodist Church
Atlas Pit
Automobile parking (Janesville)
Automobiles. SEE ALSO Automobile parking; Circuit; General Motors Corp.; Streets and roads; Transporation History
Avalon (WI)
"Axtell, Roger"

B      Top
"Bachay, George "
Badger Council of Girl Scouts
"Bailey, Robert O. "
"Bailey, William H. "
"Baldwin, Tammy "
Banks and banking
Barns (Rock County)
Baseball. SEE ALSO Little League Baseball
Bataan (Philippines). SEE ALSO Veterans
"Batterman, Theodore "
"Baum, David "
"Beatty, Ron "
Beckman Mill
Bed and Breakfast Accommodations
Beloit (WI)
Beloit College
Beloit Corp.
Beloit Corporation
Beloit Historical Society
Beloit-Janesville Symphony Orchestra
Beloit Memorial Hospital
Beloit Public Library
"Bennett, Alden I. "
Beverly Theater
"Bick, Kenneth "
Bicycle touring (Janesville). SEE ALSO Rock Trail Coalition
Black Hawk (Sauk Chief)
Blackhawk Curling Club
Blackhawk Technical Institute
Blacks (Janesville)
Blind Tom (Thomas Greene Wiggins)
"Bliss, Howard "
"Bolles, Donald "
"Bond, Carrie Jacobs "
"Borkenhagen, Emma "
"Bostwick, Frank M. "
"Bostwick, Helen Bailey "
"Bostwick, J. M. "
"Bostwick, R. M. "
Botany (Rock County)
Bottles (collectors and collecting)
Boy Scouts of America
Boys and Girls Club
"Bradbury, Daniel L. "
"Brandsey, Ed "
Brodhead (WI)
"Buchanan, James "
Budget. SEE Taxation
"Buffalo Bill (William Cody). SEE ""Buffalo Bill"" in headlines section "
"Bull, Inez "
Bump Club
Burdick Corp.
"Burdick, Ella Glendora. SEE  Stetson, E. G. "
"Burgess, James M. "
"Burno, Peter "
Burr Robbins Circus
Bus Service. SEE Janesville Transit System
Businesses (Beloit)
Businesses (Janesville). SEE ALSO Industries (Janesville); Industries (Rock Co.); NAMES OF SPECIFIC BUSINESSES AND BUSINESS OWNERS
Businesses (Rock County) 

Caloric Company
Camden Playground
Camp Janesville. SEE Prisoners of War
Cargill United Methodist Church
"Carr, Milton "
"Cassoday, John B. "
Catholic Church (Rock County)
Cedar Acres
Cedar Crest Retirement Community
Celebrate Janesville
Cemeteries (Janesville)
Cemeteries (Rock County). SEE ALSO Pet cemeteries
Census (Janesville)
Center City Development Plan and Program. SEE ALSO Downtown Business Association; Janesville (Growth)
Centerway Dam (Janesville)
"Chamber of Commerce.  SEE Forward Janesville; Janesville Area Chamber of Commerce, Inc. "
Child abuse
Child care
Child Guidance Center
Children of the American Revolution
"Chmura, Mark. SEE Crime and Criminals "
Choral Union
Christian and Missionary Alliance Church
Churches (Edgerton). SEE ALSO Names of specific churches
Churches (Janesville). SEE ALSO Names of specific churches
Circuit (Janesville)
Circus Train
Citizen Times Journal
City Brewery
City Council (Janesville). SEE ALSO Politics and government (Janesville)
City Ice Co.
"City Managers. SEE ALSO Municipal Government by City Manager; Politics and government (Janesville); NAMES OF SPECIFIC INDIVIDUALS, INCLUDING TRAXLER, HENRY; SHEIFFER, STEVE  "
Civil War Era 1st Brigade Band
Clinton (WI)
"Cody, William. See ""Buffalo Bill"" in headlines section. "
Colvin Bakery Company
"Colvin, Paul "
Commercial College (Janesville)
"Community Action Program, Inc. "
Community Connections
Community Development (Janesville)
Community Foundation of Southern Wisconsin
"Condon, Don "
Cooksville (WI)
"Corbin, Paul "
Corn Exchange
Corn maze
"Cornwall, Amanda Luse "
Corona Pen Company
"Cotton mills. SEE ALSO Monterey Mills, Inc. "
Courthouse Hill Historic District 
Courts (Rock County)
"Craig, Joseph A. "
"Craig, Joseph A., High School "
"Crandall, Paul "
Creston Park Shopping Center
"Crime and criminals (Rock County). SEE ALSO Child abuse; Outlaws Motorcycle Club; Rath, Duane "
"Crime and criminals (Rock County). SEE ALSO Outlaws Motorcycle Club; Rath, Duane "
Cross-country skiing
Crystal Springs (WI)
"Cullen,  Sally "
"Cullen, J. P. and Sons "
"Cullen, Timothy "
Curfew (Janesville)

D      Top
Dana Corp.
Daughters of the American Revolution
Dean Foods Corp.
"Deaton, Philip "
Deere & Co.
Delta/Trimax Corporation
Democratic Party (Janesville)
DePaul Hospital
Dept. of Natural Resources Service Center (Janesville)
DeVere Chemical Co.
"Dietrich, Noah "
"Diotte, Al "
Diseases. SEE ALSO AIDS Network
"Divine, Archie H. "
Domestic abuse. SEE Spouse abuse (Rock County)
"Douglas, Frank "
"Douglass, Frederick "
Downtown Business Association. SEE ALSO Center City Development Plan and Program; Downtown Development Alliance
Downtown Development Alliance
Downtown Janesville
Drug abuse. SEE ALSO Alcohol; Youth (Alcohol use)
Dutch Elm disease
"Dutton, Joseph "

E       Top
Eager Free Library (Evansville)
"Ebeling, Michelle "
Economic conditions (Janesville)
Economic conditions (Rock County)
Edgerton (WI)
Edgerton Pottery. SEE ALSO Pauline Pottery; Pickard Pottery
Edgerton Public Library
Edison Middle School
"Eggen, Olin "
"Eldred, Frederich Starr "
Elections (Janesville)
Elections (Rock County)
Elks (Fraternal Order) 
Employment (Rock County). SEE Economic conditions (Rock County); Labor supply
"Esterly, George "
Evansville (WI)

F      Top
Faith Community Church
"Falk, Victor S. "
Family Resource Center (Janesville)
Farm and Fleet
Farm Progress Days. SEE Wisconsin Farm Progress Days
Farms and Farmers. SEE Agriculture
"Fay, Ed "
Federal Aid to Community Development (Janesville)
"Feingold, Russell "
Felt family
"Fifield, Elbridge G. "
Fire Department (Janesville)
Fires (Beloit)
Fires (Janesville)
Fires (Rock County)
First Baptist Church
First Christian Church
First Congregational Church 
First Lutheran Church
First Presbyterian Church
"Fitzgerald, James "
"Foot, Ezra Albert "
Footville (WI)
"Ford, Frances Wiggins "
"Forward Janesville. SEE ALSO Janesville Area Chamber of Commerce, Inc. "
Foundations (Rock County)
Fountain pens. SEE ALSO Corona Pen Co.; Parker Pen Co.
Fourth of July Celebration (Janesville)
Fourth Ward (Janesville)
Fox Corp.
"Fox, Stan. SEE ALSO Fuchs, Stanley "
"Franke, Jerry "
Franklin Middle School
"Freedom Plastics, Inc. "
Freemasonry (Janesville)
"Fromstein, Mitchell "
"Fuchs, Stanley. SEE ALSO Fox, Stan "
"Fulton Dam (Fulton, WI) "
Fulton Township
"Funk, Clifford "

G      Top
Garbage.  SEE Refuse and refuse disposal
"Garcia, Randi "
Gas (Natural)
Genealogy (Rock County sources)
General Motors Corp.
General Motors Corp. (Accidents)
General Motors Corp. (Economic conditions)
General Motors Corp. (Growth)
General Motors Corp. (History). SEE ALSO Janesville Machine Co.; Samson Tractor; Wisconsin Carriage Works
General Motors Corp. (Officials)
General Motors Corp. (Policies)
General Motors Corp. (Productivity)
General Motors Corp. (Products)
General Motors Corp. (Quality)
General Motors Corp. (Strikes)
General Motors Corp. (Workers) 
Geri's Hamburgers
German Lutheran Church. SEE St. John Lutheran Church
Gideon Bible Society. SEE Young Men's Christian Association (YMCA)
Gillette Stationery Products. SEE Parker Pen
Gilman Engineering and Manufacturing Co.
"Gipson, Emma "
"Goelzer, Carol L. "
"Goldberg, Donald R. "
Golf courses
"Goodell, Lavinia "
"Goodell, Rhoda L. "
Goshen Children's Home
"Grange, The  "
Grange Store (Evansville)
"Grant, Ulysses S. "
"Gray, Alexander T. "
"Gray, Charles, Beverage Company, Inc. "
Green Beret Marching Band
Green Valley
"Greene, Kellie "
Green-Rock Audubon Society
Greenways (Janesville)
"Gruver, Lowell L. (""Bud"") "
Gypsy moths

H       Top
"Hackett, John "
Hammes family
Handicapped. SEE ALSO Wisconsin School  for the Visually Handicapped
Hanover (WI)
Hanson Furniture Co.
"Haye, Thomas "
Hayes Block
Hazardous materials. SEE Fire Department (Janesville)
Hazardous Waste Sites (Rock County)
Head Start and Programs (Rock County)
HealthNet of Janesville
Hedberg family
Hedberg Public Library. SEE ALSO Janesville Public Library
Helgesteel  Corporation
"Hemming, Stephen "
"Hendricks, Kenneth "
Highway 11
Highway 26
Highways. SEE ALSO Streets and roads; NAMES OF SPECIFIC HIGHWAYS
"Hills, Louis E. "
Hispanic Americans
Historic buildings (Beloit)
Historic buildings (Evansville)
Historic buildings (Janesville). SEE ALSO Hayes block; Rock County Chronicle; Smith Block; Tallman House
Historic buildings (Rock County)
"Hodge, Robert Parker "
"Holmes, William "
"Holt, Fred "
Home schooling (Janesville)
Homeless Persons
Hospice (Janesville)
Hotels (Janesville)
Hotels (Rock County)
Housing (Janesville). SEE ALSO Historic buildings
Housing (Rock County)
"Hyzer, James "
"Hyzer, William "

I       Top
Ice Age Trail
Immigrants. SEE ALSO Janesville History (Early settlers)
Indian Ford. SEE Indianford Dam
Indian mounds and effigies (Rock County)
Indianford Dam
Indians (in Rock County). SEE ALSO Indian mounds and effigies; Janesville History; White Buffalo
Industries (Beloit)
Industries (Janesville). SEE ALSO Companies (Janesville); NAMES OF SPECIFIC INDUSTRIES
Industries (Rock County)
Inland Shores
Inman family. SEE ALSO Janesville History (Early settlers)

J       Top
"Jackson, Abraham Reeves "
"Jackson, Julia Newell. SEE Newell, Julia "
Jail. SEE Rock County Jail
"Janes family. SEE ALSO Janes, Henry F. "
"Janes, Henry F. "
Janesville (WI). SEE ALSO Maps
Janesville Airport. SEE Rock County Airport; Transportation History
"Janesville Area Chamber of Commerce, Inc. SEE ALSO Forward Janesville "
Janesville Area Convention and Visitors Bureau
Janesville Area Data Exchange (JADE)
Janesville Area Knitting Guild
Janesville Art League
Janesville Athletic Club
Janesville Beloit Area Writers Club
Janesville Brick and Tile
Janesville Broadcasting Company
Janesville Business College
Janesville (Businesses)
Janesville Carriage Works
Janesville Cavaliers (Football Team)
Janesville Centennial. SEE Janesville History
Janesville Century of Stories
Janesville Chess Association
Janesville Christian School
Janesville Coaster Wagon. SEE Wisconsin Wagon Co.
Janesville Concert Association. SEE ALSO Janesville Presents!
Janesville Development Coordinator
Janesville (Economic Conditions)
"Janesville Economic Development Coordinating Organization, Inc. "
Janesville (Famous citizens of)
Janesville Fencing Club
Janesville Fife and Drum Corps
Janesville Foundation
Janesville Free Press
Janesville Gas Works
Janesville Gazette
Janesville Golden Strings
Janesville Group Ltd.
Janesville (Growth)
Janesville Health Care Center
Janesville High School. SEE ALSO Marshall Middle School
Janesville History
Janesville History (Early settlers). SEE ALSO Immigrants
Janesville History (Visitors)
Janesville Ice Arena
Janesville Ice Skating Center. SEE Janesville Ice Arena
Janesville Literacy Council
Janesville Little Theatre
Janesville Machine Co.
Janesville Mall
Janesville Municipal Building
Janesville Municipal Employees Credit Union
Janesville 99.  SEE Bataan (Philippines)
Janesville Performing Arts Center
Janesville Plan Commission
Janesville Police Department
Janesville Products
Janesville Public Library. SEE ALSO Hedberg Public Library
"Janesville Recycling Center. SEE Recycling (Waste), etc. "
Janesville Rifle Team
Janesville Sand & Gravel
Janesville Senior Center
Janesville Skeet Club
Janesville Tool and Manufacturing Co.
Janesville Transit System
Janesville United Soccer Club
Janesville Water Works
Jeffris Foundation
Jeffris Theater
"Jensen, Oscar N. "
Job Center. SEE Rock County Job Center
Johnstown (WI)
Judges. SEE Courts

K       Top
"Karges, Steve. SEE Authors (Janesville) "
Kennedy Elementary School
"King, Angie Josephine "
"King, Marjorie. SEE Authors (Janesville) "
"Kinnebrew, Joseph "
Kiwanis Club
"Knight, Wilfred "
Knipps Brewery
"Knowles, E. P. "
"Krieg, Dave "
Ku Klux Klan
"Kuffer, Karen.  SEE ALSO Child Abuse "
"Kumlien Hall (Albion Academy, Albion, WI) "
"Kumlien, Dave "
"Kutrieb, W.A.

Lab Safety Supply
Labor. SEE ALSO General Motors Corp.; Schools - Teachers
Labor Day (Janesville)
Labor supply (Rock County)
Lake House Inn
Lake Koshkonong
"Langseth, Peder O. "
Lappin-Hayes Block. SEE ALSO Hayes Block
Latino Coalition of Rock Co. SEE Hispanic Americans
Lawyers. SEE Courts (Rock County); NAMES OF SPECIFIC LAWYERS
Leaf Record Label
"Leahy, Thomas C. "
Lear Corp.
"Lenox, Gary "
"Lenz, Sandy "
Leyden (WI)
"Libby, McNeal, Libby "
Lima Center (WI)
Lima Marsh
"Lincoln, Abraham "
"Lincoln, Abraham. SEE ALSO Tallman House "
"Lindemann, Walter M. "
Lions Beach
Lions Club
Liquor laws. SEE ALSO Alcohol; Taverns
Little League Baseball (Janesville)
"Locke, S.D. "
Logo (Janesville)
London Pub/Regency Hotel
"Lucey, Patrick J. "
Lustig Park
"Lustig, Joseph "
Luther Valley. SEE ALSO Orfordville (WI)
Lutheran Social Services
"Lux, Anna Maria "
"Lynching (Janesville). SEE ALSO Mayberry, David F. "
Lyons Mechanical Contractors

M       Top
Macarthur Mink Farm
MacDowell Music Club
MacFarlane Pheasant Farm
Madelyn Company
"Manpower, Inc. "
Maps (Janesville)
Maps (Rock County)
Marcus Cable
Marshall Middle School.  SEE ALSO Renovation Arts Advisory Committee
Masonic Temple
"Maves, Fred "
"Mayberry, David F. SEE ALSO Rock County Chronicle "
"McBlair, Gretchen Frick "
"McBride, Bill "
"McBride, Mary Duffy "
"McClintic, B.T., Brewing Company "
"McCullough, John "
McNally and Co.
Memorial Day. SEE Veterans
Mercy Health System. SEE ALSO Mercy Hospital
Mercy Hospital. SEE ALSO Mercy Health System
Mexican Americans. SEE Hispanic Americans
"Mielke, Janet "
Miltimore family
Milton (WI)
Milton (WI) - Aging programs
Milton (WI) - Businesses
Milton (WI) - Government
Milton (WI) - Growth
Milton (WI) - History
Milton (WI) - Housing
Milton (WI) - Lakes
Milton (WI) - Library
Milton (WI) - Parks
Milton (WI) - People
Milton (WI) - Schools
Milton (WI) - Schools (Logo controversy)
Milton (WI) - Streets and roads
Milton College
Milton House
Miss Janesville Pageant
"Mittness, Lewis T. "
"Moe, Sharon "
Monopoly (Game)
Monterey Bridge
Monterey Hotel
"Monterey Mills, Inc. "
Monterey Neighborhood (Janesville). SEE Fourth Ward (Janesville)
Monterey Park
Monterey Rock
Monterey Stadium
Morgan Family
Moses Brothers Furniture
Motion picture theaters (Rock County)
Motorcycle gangs. SEE Outlaws Motorcycle Gang
Motto (Janesville)
Mount Zion United Methodist Church
MTS Enterprises
Municipal Building. SEE Janesville Municipal Building
Municipal Government by City Manager. SEE ALSO City managers 
Murder. SEE Crime and Criminals
Music (popular)
Myers Theater

N      Top
Name (Janesville)
Natural gas
"Neumann, Mark "
Nevil family
"Newell, Julia "
Newspapers. SEE ALSO Janesville Gazette
"Niedecker, Lorine "
"Nivola, Constantino "
"North, Sterling "
Northrop Company
Norwood Mills
Nutrition and Health Associates

O       Top
Odd Fellows
Officials and Employees (Janesville). SEE ALSO City Managers; NAMES OF SPECIFIC CITY MANAGERS
Officials and Employees (Rock County)
Old Stone House. SEE Tallman House
Old Towne Mall
"Olson, Anna Marie "
"Olson, Lyman "
"Olson, Wayne "
Omniflight Helicopters
Orfordville (WI)
Orphan Trains
Ossit Church Furniture Company
Our Savior Lutheran Church
Outlaws Motorcycle Club
Owen-Thomas Motor Co.

P      Top
"Palmer, Henry "
Panoramic Corp.
"Parker George S., Senior High School "
Parker House
Parker Pen
"Parker, Daniel "
"Parker, George S. "
"Parker, George S., Senior High School "
"Parker, Kenneth "
"Parker, Russell Clemens "
Parks (Janesville)
Parks (Rock County)
Pauline Pottery (Edgerton). SEE ALSO Edgerton Pottery
Peace efforts.  SEE ALSO Rock County Citizens for Peace 
Peek family
Pet cemeteries (Rock County)
"Peterson, James "
Phoenix Engineering
Pickard Pottery. SEE ALSO Edgerton Pottery
"Pittelko, Dean "
"Pitts, William S. "
Pizza Connection Trial
"Plantz, Samuel "
PlayCore. SEE ALSO Swing-N-Slide
Police Department. SEE Janesville Police Department
Politics and Government (Janesville). SEE ALSO City Council; City Manager
Politics and Government (Rock County). SEE ALSO Rock County Government
"Pond, Alonzo William "
Population (Beloit)
Population (Janesville)
Population (Rock County)
Post Office. SEE United States Postal Service (Janesville)
Pottery (Edgerton). SEE Edgerton Pottery; Pauline Pottery
Precipitation (Janesville)
Precipitation (Rock County)
Prent Corp.
"Preuss, Luther "
Prisoners of War. SEE ALSO Bataan (Philippines)
"Private Industry Council of Rock County, Inc.  SEE ALSO Southwest Workforce Development Board "
Property tax (Rock County). SEE ALSO Taxation (Rock County)
Public Schools (Janesville). SEE Schools; NAMES OF SPECIFIC SCHOOLS

R       Top
Radio stations
Railroads. SEE ALSO Amtrak; Transportation history; Wisconsin and Calumet Railroad
"Rath Manufacturing Company. SEE ALSO Rath, Duane "
"Rath, Duane. SEE ALSO Rath Manufacturing Company "
"Recovery, Inc. "
"Recycling (Waste), etc. SEE ALSO Refuse and refuse disposal "
Refuse and refuse disposal. SEE ALSO Recycling 
"Regez, Ken "
Rendezvous on the River
Renovation Arts Advisory Committee
"Rensink, James "
Restaurants (Janesville)
Riverfront Park
Riverview Clinic
Riverview Heights
Roads (Rock County). SEE ALSO Highways; Streets and roads; NAMES OF SPECIFIC HIGHWAYS
"Robinson, Theodore.   SEE ALSO Artists (Rock County) "
"Robson, Judy "
Rock Aqua Jays
Rock County (WI)
Rock County Airport
Rock County Asylum
Rock County Board
Rock County Christian Schools
Rock County Chronicle
Rock County Citizens for Peace
Rock County Conservationalists
Rock County Courthouse (Beloit)
Rock County Courthouse (Janesville) - History
Rock County Courthouse (Janesville)
Rock County Dental Society
Rock County Electric Cooperative Association
Rock County Farm
Rock County 4-H Fair
Rock County Government. SEE ALSO Officials and employees (Rock County); Politics and Government (Rock County); Rock County Health Care Center
Rock County Hall of Honor
Rock County Health Care Center
Rock County Health Department
Rock County Historical Society. SEE ALSO Tallman House
Rock County History
Rock County Human Services
Rock County Humane Society
Rock County Jail
Rock County Job Center
Rock County Juvenile Center
Rock County Leadership Training Program
Rock County Medical Society
Rock County National Bank. SEE Banks and Banking
Eock County (911 Communication Center)
Rock County Quoiting Club
Rock County Rural Normal School
Rock County Sheriff. SEE Sheriffs (Rock County)
"Rock County United Services, Inc. "
Rock Futbol Federation
Rock Haven
Rock Prairie Arts Council of South Central Wisconsin
Rock Prairie Montessori School
Rock Prairie Presbyterian Church
Rock River
Rock River Anthology
Rock River Charter School
Rock River Leisure Estates
Rock River Thresheree. SEE Thresheree
Rock River Valley
Rock Trail Coalition. SEE ALSO Bicycle touring (Janesville)
"Roethe, Leo "
Roosevelt Elementary School
"Rost, Ernest W. SEE ALSO Historic buildings  "
Rotary Gardens
"Roth, Marvin W. "
"Rubitsky, David S. "
"Rude, Patrick "
"Ryan, Paul "
"Ryan, Terry "

S      Top
"Salisbury, Dr. Rachel "
Salvation Army (Janesville)
Samson Tractor
"Sandgren, Ralph "
"Schaller, Robert C. "
"Scheiffer, Steve "
"Schmidley, Harold V. "
School of Telegraphy
Schools - Administrators. SEE Schools - Teachers
Schools - Curriculum and testing
Schools - Facilities
Schools - Funding of
Schools - Janesville
Schools - Length of Time Spent In
Schools - Safety in
Schools - School Board and Policies
Schools - Students
Schools - Teachers
Schools - Virtual
"Schoon, Milt "
"Schoonover, Cal "
Scottish in Janesville
"Scotvold, Mary "
Screamin' Mee Mees
Sculpture (Beloit)
Sculpture (Janesville)
Seal (Janesville)
"Searing, Edward "
"Seitz, Beatrice West "
Seneca Foods
Senior Center. SEE ALSO Aged
Sesquicentennial 1835-1985
Seventh Day Baptist Church
Sewage Treatment Plant
"Shaffer, Owen Vernon "
"Sheehan, John "
"Sheiffer, Steve. SEE ALSO City Manager "
Sheriffs (Rock County). SEE ALSO Officials and employees (Rock County); Rock County Jail
Shopiere (WI)
"Sintered, Inc. SEE ALSO SSI Technologies "
Sister City
Smith Block
"Smith, Helen C. "
"Smith, Isaac T. "
"Smith, James Milton "
Snow removal. SEE Streets and roads
"Snyder, Howard "
"Sorenson, Carol "
Southern Wisconsin Career Expo
Southern Wisconsin Regional Airport. SEE Rock County Airport
Southwest Workforce Development Board
"Spanton, John "
Spotlight on Kids
Spouse abuse (Rock County)
Spring Brook
Spyder Graphics
SSI Technologies
St. Augustine's Catholic Church
St. John Lutheran Church
St. John Vianney Church
St. Mary's Catholic Church
St. Matthew's Evangelical Lutheran Church 
St. Patrick's Catholic Church
St. Paul's Evangelical Lutheran Church
St. Peter's Lutheran Church
"Stage One, Inc. "
State Institute for the Blind. SEE Wisconsin School  for the Visually Handicapped
"Stateline Recycling. SEE ALSO Recycling (Waste), etc. "
"Steil, George, Sr. "
"Stetson, E.G. "
"Stevens, E.W. "
"Stevens, John, V.B.S., M.D. "
Stonehenge. SEE Parker House
Storms (Rock County). SEE ALSO Precipitation; Tornadoes
Streets and roads. SEE ALSO Highways; Transportation History; NAMES OF SPECIFIC STREETS AND HIGHWAYS
"Stricker, Steve "
Student Aid (Rock County)
"Sullivan, John Francis "
Summer camps
Support Groups (Janesville)
Surveying (Rock County)
"Suter, Bob "
Swing-N-Slide. SEE ALSO PlayCore

Tallman House. SEE ALSO Rock County Historical Society
"Tallman, Cornelia Augusta "
"Tallman, Frances (Nellie) "
"Tapp, Kathy Kennedy "
Taverns. SEE ALSO Alcohol; Businesses (Janesville);  Liquor laws
Taxation (Janesville)
Taxation (Rock County)
Team Electronics
Telephone service. SEE ALSO Rock County (911 Communication Center)
"Television. SEE ALSO Fitzgerald, James; Marcus Cable "
"Temperance. SEE Alcohol; Taverns; Willard, Frances "
Temperatures (Janesville)
Temperatures (Rock County)
Terry Printing
Theatre Unlimited
"Thomas, Jeffrey Chapman "
"Thomas, Joe "
"Thompson, Carl W. "
"Thomson, Alexander M. "
Thresherman's Park
Tiffany (WI)
Toastmaster's Club
Tobacco Industry (Rock County)
Tobacco Lawsuit
Tornadoes (Rock County. SEE ALSO Storms
Tourism (Rock County)
"Towns, Debi "
"Tracy, Alan "
"Tracy, Larry "
"Tracy, Robert "
Transportation History. SEE ALSO Highways; Rock County Airport; Streets and roads; NAMES OF SPECIFIC HIGHWAYS
"Traxler, Henry "
Trinity Episcopal Church
Trinity Lutheran Church
Turtle Creek (WI)
"Twain, Mark. SEE ALSO Newell, Julia "

U       Top
Unemployment. SEE Economic conditions (Rock County)
Unification Church (Janesville)
United Arts Alliance. SEE ALSO Renovation Arts Advisory Committee
United Nations Association. South Central Chapter WI
United States Postal Service (Janesville)
United Way of Northern Rock County
United Way of Southern Rock County
Unity Day
University of Wisconsin - Rock County
"Upson, Donald "

"Van Altena, John "
"Van Galder, Marge "
"Van Goethen, Larry "
Verlo Mattress
Veterans. SEE ALSO Bataan; Vietnam Veterans; Wisconsin National Guard - Red Arrow Division
Vietnam Veterans
Virchow Krause and Company
Visiting Nurses Association
Visually Handicapped. SEE ALSO Wisconsin School for the Visually Handicapped
"Voelker, Ray "
Volunteer Network of North Rock County
Volunteer Service Bureau

W       Top
Walk for Mankind
"Walsh, Chad "
Water quality
"Water, underground "
WEK Corp
West Nile Virus. SEE Diseases
Westlund family
Wheeler Mill
White Buffalo
"Whittet, Lawrence "
"Whitton, Edward V. "
"Wiard, Norman "
"Wickham, Mal "
"Wiggins, Thomas Greene (""Blind Tom"") "
"Wilcox, Ella Wheeler "
"Wilde, John "
Wildlife Management (Rock County)
"Willard, Frances "
"Williams, Alice "
"Williams, Charles G. "
"Williams, Daniel Hale"
Williamson Pen Co.
Wilson Elementary School
Wisconsin and Calumet Railroad
Wisconsin Carriage Company
Wisconsin Dept. of Natural Resources. SEE Dept. of Natural Resources Service Center (Janesville)
Wisconsin Farm Progress Days
Wisconsin Motor Car Co.
Wisconsin National Guard - Red Arrow Division
Wisconsin School for the Visually Handicapped
Wisconsin Soccer Academy
Wisconsin State Fair
Wisconsin Tobacco Reporter (Edgerton)
Wisconsin Wagon Co.
Wisconsin Women Entrepreneurs Rock Valley Chapter
"Withington, Charles "
Women of Distinction
"Wood, Helen Jeffris "
"Wood, Wayne "
Woodland Adventist School
"Woodruff, Elizabeth "
Woolen mills
World records
Wyler School for Boys (Evansville)
"Wyss, Virginia "

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Year 2000 Date Conversion
Yerkes Observatory (Williams Bay)
Young Men's Christian Association (YMCA)
Young Women's Christian Association (YWCA). SEE ALSO Women of Distinction
Youth (Alcohol Use). SEE ALSO Alcohol
Youth (Janesville)
Youth Sports Complex

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