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Name Yearbook Status Date
Zweig, Alexia Parker Valhalla Student 1999 :106
Zweig, Cindy Craig Phoenix Student 1975 :107
Zweig, Jenny Craig Phoenix Student 1984 :184, 1985 153, 1986 :156
Zwief, Jenny Craig Phoenix Student 1985 :153
Zwieg, Alexia Parker Valhalla Student 2000 :167
Zwolinski, Ellie Parker Valhalla Student 1977 :165, 1978 :136
Zwolinski, Julie Parker Valhalla Student 1977 :154, 1978 :156
Zwolinski, Kelly Parker Valhalla Student 1978 :167, 1980 :40
Zwolinski, Mark Parker Valhalla Student 1974 :173, 1975 :152, 1976 :40
Zwolinski, Pat Parker Valhalla Student 1990 :211

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Janesville High School Yearbook Index
Look up your old high school yearbook using this new database! You may currently search the following yearbooks:

  • Janesville High School, 1900-1935
  • Parker High School 1968-1970

This index to the high school yearbooks in Janesville is a work in progress. It will eventually cover students, staff and faculty of Janesville High School, Craig High School, and Parker High School, as well as members of the Janesville School Board.
Yearbooks can be searched by

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